sled push

sled push

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some days don't go as planned

Somedays are just not going to go as planned. Today was one of those days. Thursday's are supposed to be my 2-a-days and for the second Thursday in a row, it didn't happen.
As I mentioned before, I am also a graphic designer. I work at home, so usually its no problem to plan work around my workouts. But there are about 3 days out of the month that I get pretty loaded down with ads. Today was one of those days. I also had to wait for a service guy to come and service our water filter. He was to be here, you guessed it, between 11:30 and 5:00. He got here right about 5:00. So, even if I hadn't been loaded down with work, I would have been sitting around here waiting on him and he didn't leave until 6:00. I usually get my second workout in when my boys are at karate, which is right next door to our box. It's perfect, I get to workout while my kids are in class, so it doesn't take any time away from them. Today, it just didn't work out.
To make a bad day worse, I got caught up in what I was working on and worked through lunch. About 1:30 I realized I was starving. With every intention of being good, I got out my salad and left overs from last night and there it was. Pizza. COLD pizza just sitting there. I told myself just take a bite while your food is heating up. Well... It was a good piece of pizza. Lesson today? Don't keep easy (Bad food) sitting right in front you and don't wait until you are starving before you decide to eat. This is like sending a thirsty alcoholic to a bar and asking him not to drink. He will be good as long as he can, but then he will eventually crack. (I'm not picking on alcoholics, I LOVE my qualifier)
And then the final cave-in...Starbucks. But, somedays you have to pick your battles. :)

Today's WOD

Shoulder Press 3-3-3 (53lbs, 63lbs, 73lbsx1, 73lbsx1, 73lbsx1)


2 rounds

2 minute max Renegade Burpees

1 minute rest

2 minute max situps

Score -190
I was able to do 3 touch and go on the first two sets of presses, but the last set, I could only get one. I would step away and still only get one. My left shoulder has been giving me issues. It was very obvious today that it is much weaker than my right arm. On those last 73lbs presses, the bar was going up at a significant angle because my stronger arm was doing most of the work. It feels like it muscular or an "itis" something. It doesn't feel like it's my rotary cuff or anything like that. I need figure it out so I can deal with it and get better so I can move on!

Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs, 1 piece canadian bacon
POST WOD: Progenex
Lunch: 1 slice of cold pizza, boston butt, cranberry & chicken salad
Snack: Lara bar, grapes
Snack: Starbuck white chocolate mocha (grande)
Dinner: Cubed steak with seasoning only, zuccini

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