sled push

sled push

Friday, September 2, 2011

Not in the mood!

This will be another short blog because it is late and I have been in a truck with my family for 6 hours. Well, not entirely, but what should have been a 3 hour drive took us 6 hours to reach our destination. We left at 4:30 heading to the lake. 30 minutes into the drive, my husband realizes that we left my son's medicine. We are going to be gone for 3 days, so we had to turn around and go get it. So an hour later we were leaving my house...again! Brendan was so frustrated he started to cry because he was just ready to be there!
Then we stopped in Montgomery for dinner. I am convinced that Montgomery is in some kind of time warp. Every single time we stop for dinner in Montgomery it takes no less than 2 hours. This time, we actually stoppe in Prattville to see if that would be better. Nope!
I realize that it takes time for 5 people to eat, but from the time we were all finished to the time out waiter finally brought our check was 40 minutes. My husband and I were ill, and to make matters worse, the food wasn't even that great. I felt sick to my stomache the rest of the trip.
So, not in a great mood. I just want to go to bed.


Today I decided to work on strickly strength. I have been trying different programs and I came across one that I really liked, so I will be doing this one for the next few weeks.

Percentages of these are based on my 1RM

Back Squat: 60% (100#) 5 reps, 70%(115#) 4 reps, 80%(135#) 4 reps x 4

Snatch: 60%(50#) 5 reps, 65%(55#) 4 reps, 75%(65#) 4 reps, 85%(75#) 4reps x 2

Power Clean: 75%(105#) 4 reps, 85%(115#) 5 reps x 3. I could only do 6 reps at 115#. Grrr!

Press: (this was in the program, but because I did presses yesterday and my shoulder is still not feeling great, I skipped this one.

Snatch Pull: Work to Rep Max (110lbs)

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