sled push

sled push

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Short and Sweet

Another short and sweet blog. I know this may not be an interesting one, but this is as much for me (maybe more so) as it is for those of you who are following.
Shoulder seems a bit better today, but I decided today that I will be taking next week off. My coach usually has to make me take a week off because I just don't know how to rest, but this time I think my body is saying "back off". I really can't remember the last time I took longer than two days off. So after this weekend (I still have to reach my goal first!) I will be taking it easy for a week.
This is not to say that I won't be doing ANYTHING, just no heavy days, or WODs. I will probably use that time to work on handstands and walking on hands and those kind of skills. (See? I REALLY don't know how to take time off)

Okay, so today I did 9 muscle-up attempts. No more than that because I don't want to be so sore by this weekend that I can't achieve that muscle-up (see? still thinking positive!). Once again, I got through the rings. AND once again, my wrist flip over, causing a "wrist lock" and no way to dip out of it. So frustrating!!! I don't know how to correct this other than to get both of my elbows up at the same time. What I am doing now is a deadhang and then, basically, wiggling my way into the rings, like the video I posted the other day.
I know this isn't the best way to do, but I am so damn close! When I swing, it's almost like I hit a wall. Today I tried both ways and the dead hang-wiggle got me much closer than swinging up into the rings, but I will continue to try both ways.
Someone told me to just keep trying and one day I will just pop up there and I will be like "Oh! THAT'S how you do it!" I am looking forward to that day...this Sunday, right? :)

Today's WOD
AMRAP 10 minutes of
300 meter run
4 hang power cleans (78lbs)
5 Toes to Bar
Score: 4 rounds + run (10:33)
Kipped all the toes to bar. This was a first for me! :))

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs
POST WOD: Progenex
Lunch: Left over chicken, kale with stewed tomatoes and green beans
Snack: larabar
Dinner: Grilled Chicken Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing

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