sled push

sled push

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Learn something new everyday

Yesterday I was reading another blog and came across this conditioning workout. I really liked it. It was:

40/30/20/10 calorie row

In between each row do 25 box jumps (20"box) and 25 Ab-Mat situps. Time- 18:11

This one wasn't a killer, just good ole' grunt work.

AND I did learn something new today as well.

This past Monday at our box, in prep for Fight Gone Bad 6 coming up, we rowed 1 minute for max calories. I rowed a whopping 16 calories! WTH? Honestly, at the time I wasn't worried about it. Yes, I will admit, it was a bit embarrassing that "Coach Dawn" had one of the lowest scores, but I chalked it up to where I was mentally-which was, I just didn't want to row.

But then today, my friend Allman came in and worked out with me. Yes, he is bigger and stronger than me but I was matching him row for row on the rower! Yet, he was just killing me! I would catch up with him during the box jumps and the situps but as soon as we started to row, he would just crush it again.

What. The. Hell!

So, after we were finished, yep, you guessed it! We rowed some more. I wanted to know how many strokes it took for each of us to get 10 calories. We both set the damper on 6 so that wouldn't be a factor. Results? It took him 16 strokes and it took me 21. All I could think was "This will NOT DO!"

So, he said, "let me coach the coach". Yes! Please do!

After watching me for a few minutes he made the suggestion that I adjust my foot straps. Really? Yes, really. That's all it was. Seriously. I never realized that made that much difference. I made the foot holder smaller (set to 2) and that bunched my legs up more, giving me a deeper reach on the row. The next 10 calorie row, I made it in 16 strokes. I did not kill myself, I just had better range of motion.

So, maybe as a coach I should already have known this. Maybe. Maybe not. I taught Art History for 4 years and always learned something new in every lecture. I believe the same is true for coaching. Whether it is learning something new about a movement, nutrition, recovery, or just something new about a member at our box. I am sponge and love to soak it up...unless it's math! Then just keep that to yourself!

Eating has been on track today, but I have been very hungry all day. So, I have been grazing on nuts, raisins and dried fruit. And grapes! I love grapes! But only the sweet ones (sugar demon alert!)
For now, I will keep posting all my meals, but you will soon discover, that for breakfast, it is the same thing almost everyday. I'm exciting like that!
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs with 1 piece of canadian bacon
Post WOD: Salmon, sweet potato (I get the sweet potato baby food, easy to carry and it's just sweet potatoes)
Lunch: left over sirloin and string green beans. Yes, I realize that these are technically legumes, but they are covered by so much green that they are "ok".
Snack: Larabar
Dinner: Cabbage stir fry- YUM! Made with Napa Cabbage, bacon, mushrooms, chicken, onions and topped with a little bit of feta cheese.

until tomorrow,
Happy WODing

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