sled push

sled push

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day One in the Books!

Since I am considering today my first day of GG training (Garage Games) let me first tell you what my normal week usually consist of.
First of all, I NEVER, unless there is an emergency, NEVER miss a WOD (Work Out of the Day) during the week. I work out every Monday-Friday and take the weekends off. Most loyal CrossFitters follow the 3 days on 1 day off 3 days on cycle, but with 3 boys, I like to reserve my entire weekend for family time.

Up until now, I haven't really programmed anything specific for myself. Even though I am a coach, I am guilty of not doing a WOD because it has movements I don't like. So the best thing for me to do, is workout with the 8:30 class with my coach, Mark Smith. Whatever is on the whiteboard is what I will do. Like it or not...just like everyone else.

I love working out with my CrossFit peeps. It makes all the difference in the world! I am one of those people who needs that extra push. At the end of the WOD when I am just ready to stop, all it takes is my friend Danny to scream, "Come on "D", pick that bar back up! You got this!" or someone to yell, "10 more seconds! whatcha got?" for me to find that extra "umph" and drive to the end. So, when working out alone, I just don't push myself as hard. I know I don't. That needs to change.

What do I need to work on? A lot! But first of all, I need to get stronger. Period.

Here is what I have programed for myself to start with. Over the next 6 weeks I will continue my 5 days a week, 2 days off schedule, but I will be adding a second workout on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Today I started that.

Here is the breakdown

Mondays- WOD with the class

Tuesdays- WOD with morning class then afternoon: Strength work

Wednesday- Endurance and conditioning

Thursdays- WOD with morning class then afternoon: Strength work

Fridays- Long WOD days, working on endurance with strength.

A good example of this is what I did last Friday, which was a WOD called "Josh Taylor". It was a WOD I got from WOD Love's facebook page and it is a good one. It was 100 double unders, then 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 reps of Chest to Bar Pullups, Burpees, and 105lb Ground to Overhead, then 100 double unders. This WOD took me 38:16 to finish. If you are not familiar with CrossFit WOD's, this is considered a long one.

So today, I began. (Well, I guess, technically I began yesterday but I dialed in my diet today.)

This morning my WOD was "31" which is 31 reps of the following:Pullups, Pushups, 300 meter run, Thrusters, 45lbs bar, GHD situps, Lunges (L+R=1), Double Unders and Jumping Squats with a 45lb bar. I am pleased to say that I got 16 unbroken pullups, which was a PR for me. :)
This afternoon I worked on sets of cleans and bench presses.

Cleans: 5-5-5 95lbs, 105lbs, 115lbs

Bench Press: 5-5-3F-4F-5 75lbs, 85lbs, 95lbs

I am not happy with my cleans, it was supposed to be 5 sets of 5, but I PR'd my clean last week at 138 lbs so maybe I was being overambitious today. Either way, I was very dissappointed that I couldn't get higher than 115lbs today.

The bench presses are a different story. I don't work on these much at all, so it was almost like my body was trying to figure out what I wanted it to do. As you can see, I actually was able to increase my reps on the last 3 sets. It's like I finally figured out where to "dig in" on that last set. Pretty Cool!
My eating today was very good. All Paleo with the exeption of the recovery drink.

Breakfast: 2 Hard boiled eggs with a piece of canadian bacon

Snack: Recovery drink (Progenex)

Lunch: Hamburger Patty and a cranberry, chicken side salad.

Snack: Freeze Dried Peaches and some almonds

Dinner: Chicken, butternut squash and asparagus.

No sugar demon attacks today. Probably because I knew I would be posting this later.

So, now I am off to bed. Rest is just as important and another area I need to work on.

And I promise, my blogs will not all be this long. But I felt I needed to post where I am coming from so that I can really see where I am going.

Until tomorrow.


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