sled push

sled push

Monday, August 29, 2011

I wish cake went straight to my boobs!

It's Monday evening and I am really trying not to beat myself up! As I mentioned in my last blog, Friday was my husband's birthday and I had decided I would have my cheat meal that Friday night. I did and it was delicious! But here is where I always falter. Saturday came and I did really great! Until...Saturday night. Walking by that chocolate cake all day was torture. Everytime I had to get something in the kitchen, there it was, winking at me and talking dirty to me. I felt my will power slowly crumble as the day went on. That night after dinner, my husband gets out 4 plates for dessert. Upon seeing this I almost became angry. "Did you forget about me? WHY are there only 4 plates?!", I demanded. He just looks at me and says, "I thought you said you were going to be good for the rest of the weekend so I didn't want to tempt you." Poor guy. This was a lose lose situation! He was absolutely right and was trying to be supportive but guess who had cake and icecream along with everyone! Willpower just walked out on me!
Then yesterday we went to visit some good friends of ours for the day. I knew it would be another cheat meal and I was ok with that, this day was about just having fun and visiting with friends. We had an awesome time!
But this is where I feel I failed. I knew yesterday would be a bunch of bad eating and having fun, so I should have been much, much better Saturday. It seems like everytime I try to plan my cheat meal, it tends to bleed into the rest of the weekend. If I am not careful, the next thing I know, I have eaten badly all week.
Am I trying to lose weight? NO! I feel I need to really stress this point. I AM NOT trying to lose weight. I am not on a diet. I am trying to change bad eating habits and make this a lifestyle change. What I am trying to do is improve my wellness, my fitness, my lifts, my strength, my stamina and my recovery time from WODs. Good nutrition is one of the most important parts of taking care of yourself. I know this but alas, I am human. But I feel that I need to be a good example for the people at my box, and this is where I really feel like I failed.
Today I was back on track and I am promising you, whoever you may be, and myself, that this coming holiday weekend I will kick my Willpowers ass and show it who is boss!

5 Rounds
15, 135lbs deadlifts
15 Toes to Rings

Meals today
Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs
Post WOD: Progenex
Lunch: Hamburger Patty and spinache
Dinner: Fetacheese baked Chicken, cauliflower, broccoli

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