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sled push

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Open WOD 12.2 ...I love snatches!

Another item I can check off my 2012 Goal list! One of my goals was a 95lb squat snatch and last week after doing the Open WOD 12.2 I got 98lbs and it felt great!!! BUT...not 100lbs, so if you know about the Open WOD 12.2, then you know that my score was only 60.
The Open WOD 12.2 was 10 minutes of:
30 Snatches at 45lbs
30 Snatches at 75lbs
30 Snatches at 100lbs
then as many Snatches as you can at 120lbs

I did the first 60 snatches in 5 minutes, then spent the next 5 minutes trying to get that 100lbs. I have been stuck at 88lbs for months, I was determined to break through this. Well at the end of the 10 minutes my score was still 60.
I went into the gym that morning KNOWING that I was not leaving until I had a new Personal Record (PR) on my snatch. I had posted the night before on facebook. "I can do this". A friend of mine replied "NO, you WILL do this!"
Well, the WOD was done, I was disappointed and had already decided I was going to try this again.
I taught my class and watched PR after PR as my athletes snatched like crazy. It was so exciting!
After my class, I loaded up the Bella bar and decided that now was the time to PR that snatch. I like the Bella bar better for snatches because it is much easier to hook grip that bar, but it's only 33lbs.
I power snatched 88lbs and then loaded up 93lbs...and power snatched it! What?
Ok, 5 more pounds. BAM! 98lbs. squat snatch! I was soooo excited!
I tried 5 more pounds...but that was it. I was done for the day.
THEN it started bothering me...why did I load up the Bella bar? Only 2 more pounds and that would have been a 100lbs snatch! UGH!
I ended up doing WOD 12.2 two more times last week, but I never got that 100lbs snatch. I started getting sick the day before the Open and by the end of the week, I was just an empty tank.
So, score for WOD 12.2 was only 60, BUT I  did get a 10 lbs PR on a squat snatch AND did 120 snatches in 3 days.
So not beastly, but something I can be proud of.
How about you?
I would love to hear how you guys doing during the OPEN.
Any new PR's?

Oh, and of course, now I need to make a new goal for a Squat Snatch...110lbs I am coming for you!

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