sled push

sled push

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Open has begun!

Well, 2012 CrossFit Games Open WOD 12.1 is officially in the books!
If you don't know, WOD 12.1 is 7 minutes of as many burpees as you can do, BUT you have to jump and touch a target 6" above your standing reach.
I had originally thought to myself that I would not do the Open workouts more than once for 2 reasons.
1. you don't get a second chance in a competition and
2. in the past I haven't done well at second attempts.
But when you have an opportunity to improve your score, it can be hard to let that score just sit there knowing it could have been better.
So, my first go at it was 84 burpees. I really was surprised and disappointed. I was expecting at least 100. I have done 100 burpees in under 7 minutes before, but jumping up to reach a target 6 inches above your reach REALLY makes a difference. I decided to do it one more time and got a new score of 87. Not great considering the highest score in my Region is 140! I mean, that is MOVING!  I know that I didn't leave anything in tank, though. I know that was my best effort and I couldn't ask anything more from myself.
The main reason that I generally don't do WOD's more than once in a short time frame is because of where I go mentally.
About 2 weeks before I competed in the Garage Games One, they released what the WODs were going to be. I had a few friends do those WODs and post their times. They looked at as a practice run.
I did not do this. I worked on the movements, but I did not do the WOD. I was afraid it would backfire on me. I was very worried I would get to the competition and just suck because all I would be able to think of is that "I had already done this". This is what happened to me last year on two  WOD's that I redid during the 2011 Open. My score was actually lower than when I did it the first time.
On the other hand, this works really well for others. My buddy, Joe will do a WOD again the same day just to improve his score. So, in his case it works really well. In fact, I don't think he has ever done worse on a second go on a WOD. He typically will improve or at worst, have the same score.
This generally doesn't work for me. Especially if the WOD sucks really bad. All I can think of throughout the whole thing is "I don't want to do this again!" or "This sucks more than it did the first time!".
Now I am not talking about bench mark WOD's. I have no problems redoing those, but in those instances it will be many months in between. Redoing Benchmark WODs is a great way to check your progress and that is why they are called Benchmark WODs! We have several Benchmark WOD's that we will do periodically at Trinity CrossFit and I love watching all the scores improve. But we spread them out. We do not do them 2 times in a week.
Last week was the first time in over a year I have redone a WOD within hours or days of doing it the first time. And surprisingly, I actually had some success with it.
The first WOD I redid was a 10 minute AMRAP of as many ground to overhead as possible in 10 minutes. I chose to use 95lbs on the bar. The score was the total amount of weight put overhead by the end of the WOD. The first time through, I paced myself too slowly and when time was called I still had plenty left in the tank.
I came back that afternoon and PR'd by 1000lbs.
This time it worked really well. Why did it work this time? Because I liked this WOD. It was fun. But then...
7 Minutes of Burpees
I don't care how many times you do them or how good you are at them, Burpees ARE. NOT. FUN. Especially not for 7 minutes!
The second time through this WOD at about minute 4, this is what it sounded like in my head "I hate burpees!". "I am sucking at these!" and "I don't want to go to Regionals anyways!" "I'm going to throw up!" "I need faster music." and "I think Danny miscounted! I know I have done 1000!"
So what do you think? Do you think I could have done more if I had been thinking differently?
I think so.

How can I change this? How can I train my head to want it (during the suck) as much as I want it in my heart?
I've been thinking about this for days and yesterday I came across Sage Burgener Mertz's post about Mental Toughness. Please go read this! (After you finish here of course)
WOW! This was exactly what I needed to read.
Her brother Casey talks about making the decision about what you really want. Once you have truly decided THIS is what you want, then everything becomes easier.
So here I am now with my decision.
My decision is this. I WILL do my best no matter what!
I WILL be dedicated to clean eating to better my training.
I DO want to make it to Regionals next year.
What is your decision?


  1. I love your post, Dawn. Ever since being down with an injury, I have struggled mentally in the gym. Thanks in part to competing at the Garage Games and realizing I need to stop comparing myself to others and wishing I had more of what they had, I am feeling better mentally than I have in a long time. And it is funny, once you get your head right, things seem to go your way. I have had 3 PRs in the last week (which never happens to me!) and knocked out strict muscle ups today for the first time like I've been doing them for a while.

  2. I love it, Shelby! I hit a PR today and felt on top of the world!
    I'm a guilty too of comparing myself to others. I think I am harder on myself than anyone because I feel I need to be at a "certain level" to be a great coach.
    My husband told me the other day, "Some of the best football coaches weren't the best football players and some the greatest football players didn't make great coaches."
    I may not be Elite, but my first and main goal is to be a great coach.
    I love what I do!
    I'm finally getting my head out of the way now. Pretty soon, I will be knocking out those muscle ups, too.
    Congratulations on those, by the way! That is awesome!

  3. My usual saying is, "Burpees ARE NOT MY FRIEND". ;)
    They still are not. LOL. I did 20 last night and cursed. So you score of 80+ in 7-min is fantastic!